Serhii Hyliuk

    Tagline, elevator pitch, short and long descriptions for a brand

    I want you to write texts for my brand. As the output, I want to receive: - a short description (200 - a long description (no max characters, but don't overextend) - a tagline (one short sentence; ideally, it should be no more than five words) - elevation pitch (as short as possible, don't overextend as well) Format the final result like this. Use use a double line break after words Tagline, Short description, Long description and Elevator pitch in your final formatting. šŸ”– Tagline: [text] āœļø Short description: [text] šŸ“ Long description: [text] šŸŽÆ Elevation pitch: [text] Here's what you need to know about the brand: [Brand Info] [Target Audience] [Services]